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Agile Humans are the driving force of Agile business

If you are applying the values and principles of Agile in your work and life, you are probably familiar with the feeling of recognizing a fellow Agile Human. Anywhere in the world, despite all differences, you feel the flow and the connection. You share important core beliefs and that means you have the potential to communicate efficiently, collaborate effectively, and create great things together. We want to be part of your success story, whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a complete novice.

Agile Humans aims to facilitate connections, promote integration, create opportunities, foster excellence, and encourage community building.

Agile Humans – Fall 2018 Events

Let your Agile journey take you to Belgrade and Novi Sad this fall, where you will have the opportunity to learn with the best. World-class trainers, the most dedicated Agile practitioners from the region, opportunities to truly advance, committed and community-focused organizers, competitive pricing – all this and more. Come meet the world!

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For all participants of Agile Humans courses, we offer a progressive discount plan – for each course you take, you will receive 5% off the next one. This means the second course you take will be 5% off, the third 10%, the fourth 15% and so on, up to a maximum of 50% off! Let’s progress together!

Startit MeetUp

Belgrade, 29th November
Speaker: Jasmina Nikolić i Suzanne Daigle
Topic: Agile Culture

GrowIT and Agile Humans

Novi Sad, 1st – 2nd December
Moderator: Jasmina Nikolić
Topic: Developers’ career life cycle
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Past events


Belgrade, 8th November
Speaker: Jasmina Nikolić
Ticket for one day: 10000 rsd
Ticket for two days: 15000 rsd

Collaborative Product Owner training

Belgrade, 25th October 2018
Trainer: Tobias Mayer
Pay in full: 290€ + VAT
Pay in 3 monthly installments: 340€ + VAT

Conference – Agile Humans Belgrade Day

Belgrade, 24rd October 2018
Blind bird: 40€ + VAT
Early bird: 70€ + VAT

Certified Scrum Master training

Belgrade, 22-23rd October 2018
Trainer: Tobias Mayer
Pay in full: 890€ + VAT
Pay in 6 monthly installments: 990€ + VAT

Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM)

Belgrade, 25-26th September
Trainer: Paul Goddard
Early Bird Price: 990€ + VAT
Regular Price: 1090€ + VAT

Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Belgrade, 18-19th September
Trainer: Paul Goddard
Early Bird Price: 890€ + VAT
Regular Price: 990€ + VAT