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Dearest Agile Humans

We are excited to announce the upcoming Agile Humans Day, an occasion that holds a special place in our hearts and one we eagerly anticipate.

24 OCTOBER 2023
AT 6 P.M.
Please let us know that you're coming
by sending us an e-mail at team@agilehumans.city  
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It is not a coincidence that Agile Humans Day and United Nations Day are celebrated on the same date. October 24th is more than just a date on the calendar; it represents a commitment to continuous improvement and is saved for those who honour hope, global unity, and the best human values.

Agile Humans Day is dedicated to recognizing the invaluable role that humans play in the world of business, driving innovation, and fostering an environment of collaboration, learning, and growth.

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It is important that we recognise and reward those who have been examples of true leadership, bravery, and unapologetic fostering of agility. Traditionally, on this occasion, we will hold the Agile Leader of the Year award ceremony.

This fifth jubilee award will be proudly presented to the person who has significantly contributed to the spread of agile culture, education, social changes, human empowerment, and the improvement of the business environment in the past years.

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As Scrum is built upon the principles of collaboration, self-organisation, and a deep focus on the people who make up the Scrum Team, humans play a critical role in establishing and maintaining agility.

The one human who exceptionally managed to describe the core of Scrum, an explorer of human relationships, writer, mentor, teacher, facilitator, and our dear friend, Tobias Mayer, collected together a set of thirty-nine essays on people, processes, and culture into a book entitled The People's Scrum: agile ideas for revolutionary transformation.

We are lucky and proud to announce that his book has been translated into Serbian language, and that Agile Humans has the honour to officially represent it to you as its publisher. 

To thank you for participating in our agile story for six years, we have invited Tobias himself to join us virtually through our online channels. You will have the opportunity to meet his extraordinary personality, hear about his book firsthand, and get your own copy for free. 

The gathering starts at 5.30 p.m. 

Please let us know that you're coming by sending us an e-mail at team@agilehumans.city  

We firmly believe in the power of agility and the remarkable potential of humans to drive positive change in the world. You are an important part of this belief, so thank you for supporting our mission for six great years.