We finally have the opportunity to meet in person!

After almost two years, and 20 online meetups, we are going to have our regular 39th meetup on November 4 at the Club of Deputies, 2nd Tolstojeva Street in Belgrade, at 6:50 p.m.

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We have the honor of closing this year's BizIT conference with a panel called "Agile Battle for Users and for the Soul" with amazing guests, a great atmosphere, real questions, and inspiring answers.

Get ready for interesting topics and surprising gifts.

Why is this an important topic?

Agility is a change, one that we choose ourselves, and at this time, we need it more than ever. True interest in the customer and timely delivery of value to clients are the highest priorities in an agile business approach.

Humans are more important than processes and tools, and that’s why the word agile primarily refers to human beings, whatever their role might be: users, clients or makers. 

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Text and Image

About the panel

Our panelists, who are leaders of successful companies from the region and representatives of higher education, will tell us about the importance of agile development and its impact on companies and clients.

The moderator of the panel is the co-founder and CEO of Agile Humans, Jasmina Nikolić.

We will examine the role of education in the "battle for users" and the ways in which education prepares young people for the challenges of a dynamic work environment. We will put emphasis on the human, more intuitive aspect of the user world and on the agile skills that modern business requires. 

The panel begins at 6:50 p.m. and it will be live-streamed and free for over 3,000 members of our agile meetup community.

The link to a live broadcast of our panel will be created just before the panel begins and forwarded to anyone who will attend our 39th meetup online. For all our international visitors, we've prepared simultaneous translation into English.

If you want to attend the entire BizIT conference we have provided a 30% discount for the registration fee

Live or online, for one or both days, for all of our members! Sign up at the registration link and get the discount - enter the code agilehumans at the bottom of the page in the field “Poruka”.

The long-term partnership and great business cooperation with the BizIT conference will be perpetuated by the fact that our panel "Agile Battle for Users and for the Soul" will also mark the Agile Humans Day, which we are celebrating for the fourth year in a row.

On this occasion, we are going to grant the Agile Leader of the Year award.

Battle for the Soul

Finally, we have prepared something very special for you.

The battle for users becomes much more beautiful when viewed as a dance. That is why this year's BizIT conference will be closed with a dance performed by the instructor and choreographer Ojdana Radović. 

You will hear a story about lavish flamenco under the off-topic title "Battle for the Soul." You will also find out to what extent users have contributed to the look and shape of flamenco.

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Company team

Jasmina Nikolić

Introductory presentation for the panel “Agile Battle for Users and for the Soul”


Company team

Agile Humans

Agile Leader of the Year award ceremony

Panel “Agile Battle for Users and for the Soul”Moderator: Jasmina Nikolić

Panel participants: Ana Govedarica, prof. dr Milo Tomašević, Natali Delić, Rajko Maljković, Dragan Rakita, Marija Nikolić, Ojdana Radović


Company team

Ana Govedarica

The Age of Agile 



Company team

Ojdana Radović

“Battle for the Soul”