The anatomy of Values.

October 24-25th, 2019
ICT Hub Belgrade, Serbia

There is an important Day that stands for every huge step humanity makes. This is our Day. Agile Humans Day. We celebrate agile transformations, listen to and create stories that unleash the human potential in the workplace and beyond.  

Our 2nd Agile Humans Belgrade Day, a two-day Conference dedicated to one of the most important agile values - Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools, and to the one single reason Agile adoptions fail - Agile Culture. We will try to analyze and investigate the thinking body of an individual as part of a team, identify all the values that we believe create the Agile Culture and discover all the necessary means to make that great mind shift happens.

We will challenge perception, existing mindsets, thought patterns, beliefs and YOU!  Are YOU ready to challenge your personal or professional paradigm?

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The event is supported by easily recognizable companies and products which we use every day. Have a look at the companies that sponsored last year's Agile Humans Belgrade Day.