Tobias Meyer

Tobias has been involved in the Scrum world since 2004 and is famous for working with giants such as Yahoo, McAfee and McGraw-Hill. He was among the first twenty-five people, worldwide, certified to teach Scrum by Ken Schwaber, its co-founder. Skilled as a developer, tester and engineering manager, Tobias also has a background in publishing, theatre arts, and community service work. He skilfully blends this unusual mix of experiences when teaching Scrum, creating a lively and engaging experience.

Tobias blogs regularly on LinkedIn and Medium and is known as the creator of AgileLib.Net, the world’s foremost collection of Agile resources. He is also the author of the highly acclaimed, and somewhat controversial book, The People’s Scrum.

Wholeness at Work.

This session offers a brief overview of Spiral Dynamics and Frederic Laloux’s concept of a “Teal” organisation with its three operating principles of Emergent Purpose, Self-management and Wholeness. Following the introduction we’ll focus on the third principle and explore some simple ways that we may attempt to live it out within our teams and the organisation as a whole. The session will be a blend of talk and interaction. Be prepared to engage.