Suzanne Daigle

SUZANNE DAIGLE is a Business Strategist and Partner in NuFocus Strategic Group US. Their firm specializes in Organizational Self-Management and other social technologies designed to ignite high performance and optimize human potential.

For nearly a decade, Suzanne has passionately pursued the trailblazing fields of Open Space Technology and Agile beyond Software. She has worked with hundreds of individuals, companies and groups, nationally and internationally.

Her mission: helping to transform the world of work. Her goal: introducing new mindsets and approaches that invite everyone, and not just a few, to fully contribute to the success strategies of their organizations.

Her roots in journalism with a lengthy career in manufacturing and telecommunications provided the grounding for her work.

Suzanne holds a BA in English from McMaster University in Canada. She is a certified Scrum Master, a Past President and Emeritus Member of the Open Space Institute US and a founding member of a newly created national networking association known as United Packaging Associates.

Why Agile? Why Now?

At a time when workplace engagement is at an all-time low, can we ever imagine radically reversing this trend? Is it possible that we are at the precipice of a perfect storm where everything comes together to innovate and redefine how we work? Because we all know that our old ways of working are not working anymore. One need not look far to be inspired and ignited. Lurking in the shadows, our technology colleagues have been exploring and experimenting Agile with great success over many decades. We have much to learn from them; we also have much to contribute. Let’s experience together what’s possible – this is at the heart of the roll up our sleeves conversations that we will have at Agile Humans.