Evelyn Simon

German by nature, Californian by heart – that promises an unusual approach in all she does. Eve Simon is a transformational consultant, executive coach, TEDx speaker and serial entrepreneur.

With a systemic perspective and a futurist’s passion, Eve brings new impulses and creative ideas to her global clients – eg Lufthansa, VW, Bayer, Novartis, Maersk and the many entrepreneurs she supports.

Eve merges her deep expertise in Marketing, Communications, Business Development, Innovation, Leadership and Personal- & Cultural Growth into new solutions that bridge the gap from success to significance. She is an advocate for a collective and sustainable new work approach.

She leads her clients through deep transformation during learning journey’s to innovation hubs around the world as well as into nature. Evolutionary leadership is her deep expertise to impact positive change in an agile world.

Eve’s education includes a Masters degree from the University of Basel, Switzerland and a host of global certifications in coaching, NLP, mindfulness and agile methods such as Scrum and Design Thinking. Eve led divisions in global corporations for 14 years before founding her own boutique consulting firm, Inspiration Without Borders, in 2005.

Eve also founded the initiative Ladies Lead Change in 2005 to help female leaders grow their impact radiance. She expanded her vision of a work culture where everyone thrives into the Future of Leadership Salon, a movement which puts crucial conversations and co-creation first and defines success through impact.

Eve currently lives with her daughter on two continents – Silicon Valley, CA and Düsseldorf, Germany.

Evolutionary Leadership – a solution for a thriving human tomorrow

The Future of humankind is uncertain. Leaders of today find themselves in a dynamic and challenging situation. To create a society where everyone will be able to thrive in the future, leaders today need to steer with the right mindset a sustainable pathway. Decisions today need to come from another core – instead of the old matrix of profit we need to think in impact and success of leaders need to be measured by their action of significance. At Agile Human we will explore how tribes lead by a system of a new form of family constellation can be the guideline to
maneuver through the rocky waves we are facing today – based on best practices of biomimicry.